SMAQ provides a range of consulting services in relation to environmental air quality and air measurements.  This range of services includes:

  • Review of Air Operating permits to determine what pollutants are required to be monitored or sampled for and by which means
  • Preparing a Request for Proposal (RFP) to ensure that you get the best and most cost efficient air measurements services you need
  • Review of proposals to ensure that all necessary air quality permit conditions are met
  • On site supervision and/or audits of air measurements personnel
  • Review of air measurements data
  • Quality Assurance (QA) review of air measurements reports before submission to regulatory agencies​
  • ​Opacity observation
  • Limited portable analyzer engine/boiler tuning via CTM 034
  • Providing a Qualified Source Testing Individual (QSTI) on air measurements projects falling under EPA Part 75 guidelines
  • ​ Providing a Qualified Source Testing Observer (QSTO) 
  • Training on proper use, maintenance, and methodology for emissions testing
  • ​Preparation assistance for people taking the QSTI or QSTO exams
  • Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) assistance
  • Mercury Monitoring System (MMS) assistance
  • ​Mercury sampling assistance
  • Air Emissions Inventory 
  • EPA Electronic Reporting Tool (ERT) Data Package Preparation
  • ​EPA Central Data Exchange (CDX) Submittal

Squak Mountain Air Quality, LLC (SMAQ) is an environmental consulting firm that provides organizations with technical assistance and quality assurance in the fields of air quality and air measurements.  Our goal at SMAQ is to help guide you through the increasing complexity of regulations regarding air quality.

Squak Mountain Air Quality, LLC

Providing Expert Services for Air Quality and Air Measurements