• Qualified Environmental Professional (#12110026)
  • Qualified Source Testing Individual, Group I - Manual Gas Volume Measurement and Isokinetic Particulate Sampling Methods (2008-228)
  • Qualified Source Testing Individual, Group II - Manual Gaseous Pollutants Source Sampling Methods (2008-228)
  • Qualified Source Testing Individual, Group III - Gaseous Pollutants Instrumental Sampling Methods (2008-228)
  • Qualified Source Testing Individual, Group IV - Hazardous Metals Measurement Sampling Methods (2008-228)
  • ​Qualified Source Testing Individual, Group V - Part 75 CEMS RATA Testing (2008-228)
  • Visual Emissions/Opacity Certified
  • Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER)
  • Ohio Lumex Thermal Analysis of Sorbent Traps for Mercury
  • Apex Instruments XC-6000EPC MercSampler, Appendix K System Training and Certification
  • ​MKS Instruments FTIR Gaseous Analysis Training and Certification



Squak Mountain Air Quality, LLC (SMAQ) is here to assist in maintaining integrity and compliance with air quality regulations.  SMAQ helps navigate the ever more complex and confusing world of air measurements and find trustworthy, competent, and affordable air measurement services.

Greg L Lipnickey, SMAQ's founder, is both a Qualified Environmental Professional and a Qualified Source Testing Individual.  Mr. Lipnickey has a bachelor's of science in Environmental Engineering from Montana Tech, and over 16 years of experience working in the air quality field.  Mr. Lipnickey's knowledge and experience in the air quality field can guide you through the maze of air quality and air measurements requirements.